Growth Hacking, Retention, Acquisition, Conversion: Growthmint

About the Guide

This guide is a collection of concepts I've applied at different startups over the years. Thanks for checking it out!

Who's Bishop?

I'm Jon, but you can call me Bishop. I currently run marketing for Periscope Data, a badass analysis tool for companies serious about data.

Before Periscope Data, I consulted SaaS, Ecommerce, and Consumer Mobile startups on growth. It was a lot of fun and allowed me to work from anywhere I wanted, including South East Asia.

While I highly recommend against it, you can follow me on twitter. Be ready for irrelevant life observations and the occasional growth tweet. Seriously don't follow me on twitter.

The guide format

My guide divides growth into 20 concepts and acts as a tool to help you navigate your unique growth situation. Each lesson ranges from 30 minutes to one hour of work and has a variety of protips, examples, actions, and recommended books and courses.

Happy growth hacking!